Reviews for Michael Warr's:
Murder in the Antarctic

For those with a thirst for Antarctic fiction, it’s always a pleasure to pick up a new novel by an author who has had first hand experience with the polar environment, either as a tourist or as a member of a scientific or other expedition...(Murder in the Antarctic) is a worthwhile read, especially for those who have been on a trip to the far south and can now relive the daily shipboard life and their Antarctic Peninsula travel experiences in these pages.

Valmar Kurol, The Polar Times, July 2014.

A tautly written mystery, author Michael Warr has created a suspenseful entertainment that firmly holds the reader’s interest and attention from beginning to end. It is clear that Warr drew upon his two years of living in the Antarctic, his experiences on five Antarctic cruises, and his enjoyment of the mystery genre to provide accurate plot line details that promote and underscore his deftly woven story. Highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library Mystery/Suspense collections.

Small Press Bookwatch: July 2014, James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review.

Reviews for Michael Warr's:
South of Sixty - life on an Antarctic base

South of Sixty... is the lively story of two years spent... at British bases... beginning in 1963, interestingly contrasted with his tourist journey to the same area in 2005.

Jeff Rubin, (editor of Antarctica, Lonely Planet), reviewer in January 2007 The Polar Times of the American Polar Society (

The book is well written, with a cheerful and lucid style, and it is an honest account of Warr's feelings and performances.

Russell Thompson, Polar Record (Vol. 43-3,2007)

The snappy writing style ... of South of Sixty by Michael Warr... is a pleasure to read. The book is compact and easy to read. I think it is interesting reading for those who have previously wintered in the Antarctic, those interested in life on early Antarctic outposts and those people who are interested in small group dynamics.

Reviewed by Mike Finnemore on page 57 of Antarctic (New Zealand Antarctic Society Inc.) Volume 23, No 3, 2006. Mike is a geophysicist who has twice wintered in the Antarctic.

Mike Warr has written a very readable account of his two seasons in the Antarctic with BAS on Deception and Adelaide Islands in the mid sixties... Mike contrasts well the primitiveness of conditions back then with the high tech Rothera base that he visited in 2005...

Peter Bird, reviewer for BAS Club Newsletter, December 2006

...the further I read, the more I realized that I could be reading about my own first year with ANARE....The writer captures that "old time" expedition feeling in forty short chapters...

Fred Eliot, reviewer in Aurora, journal of the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions, Vol. 26, No. 3, March 2007

Mike Warr vividly recaptures the excitement ...felt on going to spend two years in Antarctica, serving on remote bases. This is a good read!

Cliff Pearce F.R.G.S. spent two years living in the Antarctic, and is the author of The Silent Sound, (2004).

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